We offer both clinic and house call appointments. Most routine appointments can be offered in the home. There are occasions where the clinic is more suitable for your pet's needs. Give us a call, we would be happy to discuss our services with you!

Annual Wellness:
Physical examination, heartworm & parasite testing, vaccinations, preventive medications for heartworms and/or fleas. Never underestimate the importance of a complete physical exam. Dr. Bennett very commonly finds problems that pet owners were completely unaware of.

Sick Patient Exams:
Vomiting/diarrhea, wounds, lacerations, allergies, itchy ears, etc. We are able to provide virtually any service or diagnostic needed. Our blood samples are processed by the Texas A&M Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr. Bennett rents a surgery suite from member clinics and will pick up/drop your pet at your home the day of surgery.

We perform both routine and non-routine surgeries at our clinic. On surgery days we operate on the traditional clinic model where the owner drops off and picks up their pet. We do offer concierge pick up and/or delivery for an extra fee.

Oral disease is a major quality of life issue for pets. Many pets are living in constant pain due to oral disease. We perform dental scales/polishes and surgical extractions. at our surgery center.

Dr. Bennett has worked in emergency medicine for the past 7 years. He is able to provide some emergency services in the home and will be comfortable telling you when a condition is beyond appropriate levels of home care and will need to be seen at our clinic.

Hospice Care:
Occasionally, we are contacted by owners requesting humane euthanasia and we are able to offer a treatment plan to delay that decision. By visiting the home we are able to look at the pets’ environment and make suggestions on how to best manage their condition. This is often a combination of environmental/lifestyle changes and medications.

In Home Euthanasia:
The decision to let a pet go is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will face. Many times owners are unsure if it is the “right time”. By visiting the home we are able to help owners make quality of life decisions and provide a peaceful end for the family. We are here to assist during this difficult time. A typical euthanasia appointment is as follows: a consultation/assessment of the pet’s health and quality of life, sedation, and finally euthanasia. Dr. Bennett can also transport your beloved for cremation.

No time to stop by the clinic to pick up medications? No worries! We have an online pharmacy that will ship straight to your front door!

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